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Property Management Services

Rent Collection

Supply, demand, location and condition of the property determines rent. If there are multiple rentals available in the area of your property, it is necessary to be very competitive. If very few are “for rent” in the same area, it can make it easier to rent the property. Markets change and Babb advises owners on the “Current Rental Market”. Once a tenant is secured, our online system allows for easy rent collection and distribution.

Property Marketing

Babb has found that the internet along with AtCoastal's website ( receives tremendous exposure. There are other websites we use such as,,, ect. Babb displays “For Rent” signs prominently. The caller can immediately access property information and showings 24 hours a day.

Tenant Screening

Through screening of Credit, Background and Eviction is crucial to successful Property Management. Babb requires all applicants to fill out a detailed application and submit it for processing and approval. A credit check is not enough! Our company conducts a careful review of their credit, income, and tenant history or ownership, along with a criminal background check.


The best approach to maintenance is “Preventative Maintenance”, and this is the Babb policy. We want the tenant to know from the beginning of their tenancy that the Babb and Landlord expectations are to “care for the property”. This approach can prevent costly maintenance. We also work closely with preferred vendors, who offer our owners discounts for services.

Property Inspections

Routine exterior inspections are conducted, in which pictures are provided. Additionally, we perform interior inspections every 6 months and survey tenants to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Financial Reporting

With our detailed financial reporting tools, it's never been easier to keep tabs on your investment. Check in as often as you'd like to see the valuable return you're receiving on your investment. We also provide necessary information to owners for tax purposes.


Evictions are unfortunate, but we will ensure your property is re-rented as quickly as possible, once we handle the entire process on your behalf.

Legal Guidance

Babb works closely with Caplan Law Group, a firm specializing in Real Estate Law. The Caplan Law Group is able to assist in all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. When representing a Landlord against a tenant in breach of their lease, this firm understands the urgency and financial necessity to obtain possession of the property on behalf of our clients. We also will attempt to recover the maximum amount of damages on our clients’ behalf.

Why Choose Babb Property Management ?

We Believe in Better:





When your property is vacant, every day it sits unoccupied WILL costs you money. As such, it is important to find a qualified tenant quickly and keep tenant turnover to a minimum. Here at Babb Real Estate we understand this and strive to find a paying and respectful tenant as quickly as possible with our top of the line advertising and tenant screening process.


Whether you found your own tenant or had a previous property management company find one for you we are happy to help with a smooth transitions process. Babb Real Estate will handle all tenant paperwork and notifying the tenant of the change in management. We also offer special discounts if a tenant is already happily within the home. Not happy with your current tenant? We are skilled in evictions and handling disruptive tenants.

Currently with PM Company

Often for landlords, just the thought of switching property management companies, is an enormous headache. It’s no wonder many unhappy landlords put it off and continue suffering the consequences. The good news is that switching companies can be as simple as giving notice. Call us today at 757-892-0001 for more information on how easy this process can be!

Multiple Properties

Do you have multiple properties to be managed or are you looking to increase your wealth by investing in real estate? Babb Real Estate is proud to be a full-service agency to help with all your needs! We will guide you through the decision process and help you decide which properties would be a good investment and how to capitalize on your current homes. We offer special discounts for these services and look forward to helping you grow in financial independence!

Satisfied Clients, Great Results

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“Jeff was super eager to help and get us in a rental asap, as we needed. They always respond quickly and are extremely attentive to resolving any issues around the house that pop up. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a property manager!!! Very professional, very knowledgeable.”

Santita M.

“Jeff and Maria have been great!! Extremely helpful and informative every step of the way in both our renting a home and selling our home! I highly recommend them!!”

Steve N.

“Highly recommended. They work hard to make renting comfortable and stress free.”

Matthew B.