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Property Management

Whether you inherited a property or received orders to relocate, you might be what we call an “accidental landlord”. Or you might have decided to expand your portfolio and invest in real estate.

Either way, if you own a residential property that’s unoccupied, it’s costing you time and a lot of money. And frankly, it can be stressful to find (and sometimes remove) tenants, maintain the property and collect rent.

The good news is that Babb Real Estate can handle everything! We have a lot of experience working with owners and tenants alike and have a no-nonsense approach to the work.

In our first meeting, we’ll provide you with comps and all of the information you’ll need to decide your next steps. And if you decide to work with Babb, we’ll help you turn that empty property into a positive return on investment!

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    Working Together

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    Rent Collection

    Our online system allows for easy rent collection and distribution.

    Property Marketing

    Property Marketing

    Babb uses all of the available tools to market your property and find tenants.

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    Tenant Screening

    In addition to credit checks, Babb conducts thorough reviews of prospective tenants, including income, rental history and criminal background.

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    Our policy is “preventive maintenance.” To avoid costly repairs, we expect both tenants and owners to care for the property. Our preferred vendors offer discounts for services.

    Property Inspections by licensed real estate agents

    Property Inspections

    Babb performs routine external inspections and provides photos to owners. Interior inspections are conducted every 6 months.

    Financial Reporting Feature

    Financial Reporting

    Our detailed financial reporting tool shows your return on investment, and provides the documentation you need for tax filing.

    Eviction Notice


    Babb handles the entire process on your behalf, and ensures your property is rented as quickly as possible.

    Legal Guidance

    Legal Guidance

    Babb has partnered with Caplan Law Group, which will assist in all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship.

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    Your Property is an Investment

    Babb Real Estate is the industry leader in professional property management in the local area. We serve Southside Hampton Roads, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Portsmouth.

    With us on your side, you can look forward to receiving top-quality service along with professional knowledge and expertise.

    Contact us to see how our full-service property management can turn your property into a positive return on investment.

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