Property Management FAQ

Let us answer any questions that you might have…Look thru our Property Management FAQ. If you have further questions, Please feel free to call us…

Why Babb Real Estate & Property Management? With over a decade of experience, customer service is our number one priority! Our communication, accounting, and marketing approach gives you peace of mind when it comes to your income property.

Your funds? Rent is collected between the 1st and 5th and dispersed between the 10th and 15th. Our online portal allows tenants easy access to auto draft and online payments, removing the hassle and wasted time of tenants driving to drop off checks.

Our expenses? We keep our portfolios small. Our fees market your home through all advertising platforms, adding extra incentive to referrals and agents. We fill your home with upstanding renters, individuals who will care for your home, likely to stay for longer terms.

Don’t settle for the low fee management services as they don’t have enough staff to handle the vital details you’re looking for.

How do we find good tenants? All applicants are provided with equal housing opportunity. We complete screenings and evaluate information, determining if an applicant is capable of paying rent on time each month. This includes a thorough search of the applicant’s rental history i.e. evictions or late payments.

Pets. From puppies to parrots, our first priority is protecting the value of your home. Eighty percent of renters have a pet and once a pet-friendly location is found, they tend to stay in the home longer.

We do a walkthrough of the home and note its condition before allowing the pet to be included, ensuring any pet damages are easy to identify, requiring pet owners to repair these damages. As added protection, we charge a pet fee from the tenant as well receive a copy of all papers for the pet.

Renters Insurance. Renter’s insurance is a proactive step to protect one’s wealth built in personal property. The renter receives protection for their valuables; the homeowner, greatly reduced liability on their property.

Keeping it Simple. Our premier, boutique service offers a one-stop shop for you and your property. We meet you in person and while we do an initial condition walkthrough, and bring a professional along to photograph your property. We market your property on all consumer facing sites i.e MLS,. Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Zumper and many more!

Always there for you. We are involved every step of the way. An example of this is one of our newest home-owners joined our portfolio after coming to us in a panic. His tenants were three months behind on rent, and he was out of the country. We stepped in, discovering the tenants were neglecting the property.

Seven days later, the tenants were evicted. Two weeks later, the home repainted, repaired, carpets replaced, and up for rent. Two days later, we found qualified tenants, paying the security deposit, moving in the next day.

Contractors. With years forging good relationships with contractors and vendors, we provide the highest quality contractors at reduced prices. Our vendors appreciate our volume of business, offering better pricing. If you prefer your own vendors, we are happy to accommodate.